Novice Info: Uninstalling Software From Eclipse


Today, I am planning to present a small tip, which I wanted to share from a long time. Many of us use Eclipse for all our development needs. The main reason being, it is well organized and has the wonderful framework for adding any capabilities for building on more features to it. In my opinion the awesome feature of writing and adding Plugins and Features of the eclipse for its extended support is the main reason for its penetration into the developer market.

Installation of plugins is very simple and easy in eclipse, inherently like maven it does have a repository for all the plugins and features call the update site, and from there you should be able to install any new feature/capability to the eclipse is very easy. There are of course a number of ways, to install these new features in eclipse, and these are out of scope for the content in this blog. The same way we have many ways to uninstall the software in eclipse, and in this blog am going to present what I know and applied in the my development experience.

First of all, before going any step forward about the ways of uninstalling a software, let us try to understand the reasons of why we need to think about removing any capability from eclipse.

  • If your eclipse is having many capabilities, and you are not using most of them in day 2 day development
  • Unused software in the background is hitting the performance of the eclipse
  • Need of installing new feature, which will not be compatible with the existing features.

These were some of the reasons, for uninstalling software from eclipse. Now, without taking any more time of yours let us look about the ways of uninstalling a feature on the eclipse.

Using Install Software Option:

  • Open “Install New Software” dialog box, by navigating through Help –> Install New Software.


  • Click on the “already Installed?” link as show in the above picture.


  • Select the features to be removed, and select Uninstall button.
  • Once the features are uninstalled your Eclipse program will be restarted, for the next use.

Voila, you are done with the Uninstallation of the features in eclipse.

Note: Yes you can definitely remove software, by deleting the jars in plugins and features directory in “ECLIPSE_HOME/” folder. But I don’t advice this as, it might break some other dependent plugins. Do this at your own risk of corrupting the Development Environment.

Thanks for the patience, in reading the article, and hope this was useful and not a waste of your precious time. Do comment your opinions and suggestions on making these articles a value for the next readers.


About Sharath

I am a passionate technologist, I have varied interests in Development, Testing and Maintenance phases of PDLC / SDLC. In my leisure I love to play with my daughter. I love eating out, hanging out with friends and reading blogs/articles.
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